Grow where I am planted. Grow a garden. Grow a community. Grow with my family. Grow my ideas, my goals, my dreams. Lately the word “grow” has been on my mind. It jumps out at me from written text. It frequently visits my thoughts. And I can see it applicable in many different areas of my life. 

Grow where I am planted. A lot of times it seems we are waiting for the perfect conditions to grow. The timing doesn’t seem right. There’s comfort in stagnation. My kids are little and needy. I’ll have more time later. I’ll have more energy etc. etc. I can come up with plenty of excuses to keep everything as it is. But the time is going to pass either way and I am perfectly capable of growing in this season. 

Grow a garden. This one isn’t metaphorical for anything. I really just want a garden. I’m dreaming of cut flowers and homegrown vegetables gracing our dinner table. 

Grow a community. This is a big one. It will require the most from me but I am feeling very inspired (one may say called) to start a community. A community of families with similar goals. I want to grow a group where moms can find friendship amongst other moms. Where our children can run and play together. A group where we can grow together, learn from each other, support one another. I’ve already started working on getting this community going and I can’t wait to see the positive impact it makes!

Grow with my family. So these girls are growing fast. And as they grow I have to evolve as a mother. I have to learn new ways to nurture them. I have to learn what they need and the best way to provide that. And as every person who has been in any kind of serious relationship knows, it ain’t easy. The same with marriage. I have no doubt though that Hunter is my perfect partner. Time passes, life changes. As it changes we have to be able to adapt. Some days are hard. We sometimes find ourselves looking at each other in confusion. Wondering how to handle a situation or which step should be the next one. And although there are days that we may not really like each other, we always work through whatever we face. We grow from it. And we will continue to work and grow our family (just not in size 😜). 

And the last one I mentioned, is me. (I feel like I should say that this was in no particular order. I value myself more than sunflowers and zucchinii 😉.) It’s my ideas, my goals and my dreams. For a long time I haven’t known what those looked like. Or, it was more short term goals;  i.e. have babies and live to tell the tale. My top priority is always my family, being the best mom and wife that I can be. Not because I don’t value myself. I find so much value in my ability to love these three people well. And as I think of our future, I am starting to see a little clearer what all that could look like. These dreams I have are big. I have a lot to give and I am starting to see where and how I can share my gifts. It may take me years to cultivate it all. However, there are a lot of things I can do now (where I am planted) that will build up who I am and who I want to be. I want to read more. I want to write more. I want to know more. I want to love more. 

I want to grow. 



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