The name Ruth

Ruth is actually our daughter’s middle name. Her name comes from two places, the Bible and family.

As part of mine and Hunter’s vows, we quoted Ruth1:16. “Where you go, I will go and where you stay I will stay. Your people my people and your God my God.” I think of this verse often. That I will always be by Hunter’s side. I love his family as my own and he feels the same about mine. Ruth was loyal. The Hebrew meaning of the name is friend. These are qualities I want to instill in my Ruth.

But more than anything, she was given this name after Hunter’s grandmother, who we call Mawmaw. Mawmaw is a huge part of our lives. If you are looking for a cheerleader, this is your lady. Ever since Hunter and I started dating, she has always made me feel welcome.

I look to her as the kind of woman I want to be. She always puts family first. And ask anyone that knows her, she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She is ALWAYS supportive and undoubtedly makes you feel loved.

I think a lot of people keep their feelings to themselves. They may think the sun shines out of your butt, but they never truly tell you how they feel. Not the case with Mawmaw. Every time she sees us she tells us she loves us. She has told me more times than I can count, how wonderful she thinks I am for Hunter. This means a lot to me since she thinks so highly of presh Hunter. She has also told me that she thinks I am a good mom to Ainsley Ruth.

These short little sentences that she has spoken, mean more to me than I could ever explain. Sometimes, it’s nice to know that people are proud of you or that they approve of you.

I think a lot of us could strive to be more like Mawmaw. She is the kind of woman I want to be. And I want to raise my daughter to be like her great-grandmother, Ruth. A loving, spirited, strong woman.

Mawmaw Ruth and Ainsley Ruth



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